My “Movember” Pledge

My “Movember” Pledge

”MOVEMBER” – An excellent opportunity to promote men’s health and (I’m not sure what it is) but I have grown something on my face to help show my support.

Medicine is busy and definitely stressful at times, but I vow to always make time to help other men make a positive change.  This includes preventing disease before it happens, their physical, and mental health.  Seeing these results in the men and women I care for is what got me out of bed for years before med school and will continue to be my motivator for decades to come.

I will be living this lifestyle WITH you every step of the way.” 

The message my patients will hear throughout my medical career.


Aric Sudicky cofounded Ontario’s first medically integrated exercise and nutrition program.  He is a former Canadian Fitness Professional of the Year, medical student, and advisory board member for STRONG Fitness Magazine.  You can follow Aric via his facebook or twitter pages.